Gator Attack

Gator Attack

Category: Oil Painting

Original Size: 36" x 48"

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"I decided to go to Payne’s Prairie near Gainesville, Florida since I had never been there before. I was amazed at how many large ten ft. or more alligators I saw while walking the trail to the overlook. As I was walking back, I saw a lady pointing and saying how an alligator was trying to eat another alligator! I saw the two alligators in the distance and set up my video camera. It was so windy that day, but I spent the next three hours watching to see what would happen. A large ten or twelve foot alligator had a smaller four foot alligator in its jaws. They would remain motionless for about a half hour, but all at once the large alligator would thrash around slamming the small alligator on the bank. He also did several death rolls. I thought for sure the smaller alligator was dead, but after the last death roll the large alligator lost its grip and the small alligator swam away! I captured the moment as the small alligator was thrown on the bank. This shows the power of these magnificent reptiles. I was happy when the smaller gator got away!"
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